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Rich in history, in culture, in attractions and in gastronomy, and located very close to nature, the Québec City region will arouse your curiosity!
With its bird’s-eye view of the river, Québec City offers an unbelievable panorama in which the present rubs shoulders with the past. Old Québec City, classed “an international treasure” by UNESCO, is truly a gem. And it can only be fully appreciated on foot, by strolling through its pretty neighbourhoods and narrow streets bordered by historic old houses.
Extend your explorations to include the Côte-de-Beaupré, Jacques-Cartier and Portneuf sectors. Along the Route de la Nouvelle France and the Chemin du Roy, you’ll travel through the era of the first seigneuries. You can enjoy your favourite activities in the urban neighbourhoods or in the numerous green spaces in the region. On your visit to Île d’Orléans, you’ll enjoy exploring both its gourmet and its heritage aspects.
To all these delights, add charming bistros, restaurants offering fine cuisine, lively bars, art galleries, artisans, well-known festivals (Québec City Summer Festival, New France Festival, Québec Winter Carnival); in short, so many reasons for returning each time the season changes!
Québec City Region
A thousand and one delights!

Flavours of the region
The region has developed a fine cuisine. What’s more, the Upper Town (Haute-Ville) in old Québec City was already known for its good food in the era of colonization. So it’s not surprising to find a rich terroir.
On Île d’Orléans, potatoes and peas are famous, as are strawberries, a delicious blackcurrant liqueur, cheeses, artisan breads and vineyards. In Portneuf, you’ll find elk, emus, free-range turkeys, goat’s milk cheeses and much more. Sweet corn is the summer treat for people in Québec and the corn grown in Neuville is the most highly prized in all of the province. In L’Ange-Gardien, it’s the plum that is the star. Finally, you’ll find local products for sale at farm stands all along your route.

Did you know?
Very close to old Québec City, north along the river via Route 138, is one of the most impressive natural sites in the region: Montmorency Falls. You’ll be astounded, and with good reason: 83 m high, it is 30 m higher than Niagara Falls! A cable car, stairways on the side of the cliff and a suspension bridge provide you with great views. On sunny days, the light reflecting off the water droplets in the falls offers the spectacle of beautiful rainbows. In winter, the steam from cooling water crystals forms a “sugar loaf”, a cone of ice that can reach a height of 30 m at the base of the falls.

A little history
After Cartier discovered North America in 1534, it was not until 1608 that Champlain realized the dream of that earlier explorer: the founding of Québec City and New France. By 1690, Québec City was prospering, and the British, envious of its trade in furs, decided to lay siege to the city. Governor General Frontenac turned the invaders back with his famous words, “I will reply from the mouth of my cannons…”, saving Québec for the time being. Even though France had to relinquish its first colonial empire in 1763, Frontenac had helped to delay the British conquest, allowing the French-speaking population to continue to establish their roots. The majestic Château Frontenac is dedicated to him.

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